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Gitbook vs Notaku (Notion based)

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Both gitbook and Notaku are awesome tools to write documentation
Notaku creates a documentation website based on content from Notion
Gitbook instead lets you write the docs on their platform and publish them


The Gitbook pricing is seat based, that means that the more people you have in the team the more it will cost
It starts at 32$ a month (because of the minimum 5 seats) and 5.4$ more for every team member above that.
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Notaku instead costs 50$ a month, but the price does not grow with the number of team members
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Content editing

Gitbook provides its own platform to edit content, i personally find it not great, to create new blocks a big menu gets in the way and takes
Another bad thing is that you can't really see the cursor in dark mode, so you type and hope you are writing on the right spot
Also their keyboard accesssiblity is not great
Notaku instead uses Notion to edit content, its editing features are some of the best in the space


Notaku let you customize the logo and header links even with the free plan

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