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🎉 New release: support for lists databases, faster sites loading, add tags to blog posts and more

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Support for lists databases

Lists databases will be displayed like a list of page links, their pages will be also visible in the side navigation.
Here is an example.

Added tags support to blog posts

You can add a tags field to your blog database and they will be shown like this:
Image without caption

Added support for hiding draft blog posts

You can now add a hide field in your blog database and hide the posts you don’t want to be visible in the blog index.

Support for Vercel domain delegation

Previously it was impossible to use a subdomain with Notaku if the apex domain was already used in another Vercel account (Notaku is based on Vercel infra).
Now you can give permission to Notaku to use a subdomain even if it is already registered in Vercel, the full guide is here.

Support for sitemap.xml

The /sitemap.xml will return the urls of your sites, making it easier for search engines to crawl your site.

Faster loading speed

The first time a site is viewed is usually very slow because the content is still not cached and there is also the cold start time of a lambda function
This initial time has been reduced making the lambda function smaller: from 30Mb down to 3Mb!

Better mobile content layout

On mobile Notion columns get now collapsed to rows, this makes content look nicer in mobile giving more width and space to the content.

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