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In progress
add close button to top banner, can be enabled with a checkbox in customization page
add progress bar color customization (only business plans)
add custom font customization (only business plan)
add footer iframe customization for blog websites to add content (like sugnup form, cta) at the bottom of all pages
make a list of available customizations for each plan, show it under pricing
Show the page cover on blog posts, simple layout websites, changelog websites (behind a checkbox option, only for business plans)
fix file blocks not downloading file on click
change paths slug behaviour for new websites
Fix collection titles wrong on docs website (because of recent Notion API bug)
Changelog widget
Roadmap sites (maybe also add a upvote button to roadmap cards?)
Help desk sites
Full text search for docs websites
add changelog pagination
Add canonical SEO meta tag
Add version switch, it simply uses a different root notion page, it can be used for version numbers, languages, .etc
add SEO lang attribute, can be different for every version/language switch
need a way to notify users about new changelogs and blog posts, maybe create automations to send updates to discord groups, telegram channels, mailchimp audience, …
convert youtube videos urls to be embed links like Notion does, to prevent iframe errors
show a upgrade button if user subscription is cancelled
fix search keyboard navigation
fix space y inside columns
remove share buttons from docs sites that have a password
allow closing a sidebar item even if it is the current page item
Transfer notaku.website to notaku.so (waiting for Paddle approval)
add background customization
add demo link on new site types buttons
Add rss feed to changelog and blog sites
Single page websites (layout like in Notion, for simple use cases like terms and policy pages)