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Vercel domain already in use


To add a domain owned by a different Vercel account
  • Try adding the domain in the Notaku dashboard, this will trigger an email to give Notaku permission to use it
  • Click the link in the email from Vercel
  • Click again β€œAdd new domain” and finally connect the domain

Adding a domain owned from a different account

Notaku uses the Vercel infrastructure for its domains and CDN, this means that if a domain is already connected to another Vercel account Notaku cannot directly use it.
Note that after any subdomain is registered on Vercel all of its subdomains will be considered owned by that Vercel account.
Trying to add a domain will show an alert like this
Image without caption
Then Vercel will send an email to the owner asking for permission to let Notaku use it.
The email will look like this
Image without caption
After clicking the link in the email you will finally be able to add the domain
Image without caption