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Notion as CMS
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Notaku uses Notion as CMS for your docs, blog, changelog and roadmap
All your team members can edit and publish new content super fast
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    • Thank you for building it and doing such a great job. We tried the competition and Notaku is easier, more intuitive and has all the features we need. We’re happy customers!

      Alexandre Solleiro
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    • Great job! We love it at Using it for both docs and changelog

      Jason Laster
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    • We're using Notaku Docs for, and it's a blessing, when editing something we just change the Notion document and documentation got the changes, I honestly don't want to spend my time on other web app, Notion is the best CMS, I have it on my computer and phone so I have the opportunity to edit it any time.

      Founder of
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    • Huge congrats. We switched from a public Notion to Notaku and couldn't be happier

      Nish Ithayakumar
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    • Very impressive - being able to build all these different kinds of sites using Notion is incredible!

      Gladys Atienza
      Customer service operations
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    • Awesome product and really active founder and development.

      Luis PW
      Senior SEO Consultant
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Everything you need to publish awesome content

Notaku can create all the necessary websites for your product

Website to keep all your product public docs
All the features you expect and more

Notaku has everything you need to publish awesome websites

Super fast search
Notaku websites have very fast search built in. Your users will be able to find what they are looking for in seconds.
Optimized for speed
Notaku websites are built with speed in mind. We host your websites in a CDN, fast and reliable.
Social media images
Notaku automatically creates images for your links on social media
Excellent SEO, organic traffic goes brrr
Many users found their organic traffic doubled after integrating Notaku
Multi language
You can write your content in multiple languages in different Notion pages
Collect feedback
Notaku can collect feedback on your pages, both rating and text feedback
Send emails
Notaku can collect your visitors emails and send weekly summary emails
Subdomain or /subdirectory
Notaku can be hosted on subdomains or subdirectories (/docs and /blog) using a reverse proxy like Cloudflare and Next.js
Embed in your app with a widget
Notaku websites can be embedded in your app with a slick widget

Pricing Plans

VAT not included


1k views / month

$0 /mo

What's included

  • 1k views / month
  • 20 Notion pages per site
  • subdomain
  • "Made with Notaku" banner


20k views / month

$29 /mo

7 days free trial

What's included

  • 20k views / month
  • 40 Notion pages per site
  • 1 Site with Custom domain
  • 1 Seat
  • Auto sync with Notion every hour


100k views / month

$49 /mo

7 days free trial

What's included

  • 100k views / month
  • 400 Notion pages per site
  • 2 Sites with Custom domains
  • 2 Seats
  • Auto sync with Notion every 30 minutes
  • Custom background, font & colors
  • Password protection
  • Widgets
  • Full text search

Business plus

5M views / month

$99 /mo

7 days free trial

What's included

  • 5M views / month
  • 4K Notion pages per site
  • 6 Sites with Custom domains
  • 10 Seats
  • Auto sync with Notion every 30 minutes
  • Custom background, font & colors
  • Password protection
  • Widgets
  • Full text search
  • Remove "Powered by Notaku" link
  • Host on a subdirectory (/docs and /blog)
  • Email notifications
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Frequently asked questions
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  • What happens after I exceed my usage limit?
  • What Notion blocks are supported?
  • Can i create simple Terms of Service and FAQ pages?
  • Can i use my own analytics service? Can I inject custom code?
  • Who is behind Notaku?

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