Build a full-featured Docs website
in minutes, using Notion as CMS
Turn your Notion workspace into a beautiful knowledge base site.
Save 100+ hours of work. No design or code skills required.
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Custom Domains

Use your personal domain for your docs

Lightning Fast

Generated sites optimized for speed

Great SEO

Effortless amazing SEO


Add your links, font, colors and more

Sidebar navigation

Sidebar nav with all your pages

Table of contents

Automatic table of contents

Manage all your content in Notion

Notaku takes your Notion content and turns it into a beautiful documentation website.

. Write in Notion
Write your docs in Notion
Notion is an awesome CMS, it's perfect to write your documentation. Your team already uses it for internal documentation, why not use it for user facing docs too?
Step 1
. Link in Notaku
Add Notion page in the Notaku dashboard
You can link the Notion page to your Notaku account to build an awesome static documentation site.
Step 2
. Publish on the web
Publish your Docs website, on your own domain
We will publish your Notion docs with an awesome design and easy navigation and table of contents for every page.
Step 3
Automatic Sidebar and
table of contents
A sidebar navigation and table of contents are automatically created for all your notion pages. This makes it easier for your users to navigate the docs contents.
Sidebar illustration
Amazing search experience
All your Notion pages get indexed and are easily searchable by your users.
Search illustration
Built in feedback collection
Every page has a feedback collection buttons to let you know what are the most loved and hated documents.
Feedback illustration
Docs and Blog with a single subscription
You can also create a blog site using the same approach. Without having to upgrade subscription.
Analytics illustration
Not only Docs websites
With Notaku you can build all
the essential websites for your company
Docs website
Blog website
Product updates, fixes and changes
Roadmap (beta)
Upcoming features and changes
Help Desk (beta)
Guides and help articles

Pricing Plans

Pricing is based on the number of page views
You can use all the site types with one plan.


1k views / month

$0 /mo

What's included

  • 1k views / month
  • 20 Notion pages per site
  • subdomain
  • "Made with Notaku" banner


10k views / month

$19 /mo

7 days free trial

What's included

  • 10k views / month
  • 40 Notion pages per site
  • 1 Site with Custom domain
  • 1 Seat
  • Auto sync with Notion every hour


100k views / month

$49 /mo

7 days free trial

What's included

  • 100k views / month
  • 400 Notion pages per site
  • 2 Sites with Custom domains
  • 2 Seats
  • Auto sync with Notion every hour
  • Custom background, font & colors
  • Password protection
  • Widgets

Business plus

5M views / month

$99 /mo

7 days free trial

What's included

  • 5M views / month
  • 4K Notion pages per site
  • 4 Sites with Custom domains
  • 10 Seats
  • Auto sync with Notion every hour
  • Custom background, font & colors
  • Password protection
  • Widgets
  • Host on a subdirectory (/docs and /blog)
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