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Docusaurus no-code alternative using Notion for content

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Docusaurus is a docs website generator that uses markdown to host your content.
In case you are working with non techincal people it’s not great to manage content in markdown. You need to tell them about code editors and how to use Git, which will most of the time end up making the writing process harder.
Notaku is a solution to this problem, it uses Notion as CMS to create a docs website just like Docusaurus.

Notaku: generate a docs website from Notion

Notaku is a Docusaurus alternative using Notion to manage content. This makes it much easier to let other team members write new content.
It is also much easier to let people write guest posts, Notion has real time collaboration built in.

Why Notion for CMS

  1. Best writing experience on the web
  1. Rich collection of blocks and text customization, you can use callouts, tables, colored text, change your text layouts and a lot of features other tools don’t have
  1. Make it easier for other team members to write new articles. If you already use Notion for internal docs why not use it for public facing websites too?

Docs website features

When you create a website with Notaku you get:
  1. Search bar
  1. Reactions (”did this help you?” at the bottom of the page)
  1. Logo customization
  1. Easy custom domain hosting (or /docs path hosting)
  1. Add header links, footer, custom fonts and much more
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How to create a roadmap website with Notion

  1. Sign up to Notaku
  1. Click create new docs website
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  1. Clone the docs template and make the Notion page public
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  1. Copy the Notion url and paste it in Notaku
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  1. Add your own custom domain and customize your website
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Want to embed docs directly into your website? Use Notaku widget

Notaku can also add a little widget to your website to let your users read docs without leaving your main website.
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Some other cool little things about Notaku 🙂

  1. Your websites tab icons will use the Notion pages icons
  1. Social media cards are automatically generated with your title, page icon and date
  1. You can migrate existing websites redirecting old paths to new ones
  1. Notaku makes other little tools like Notion icons generator and Notion image links
  1. Images are zoomed in when clicked (like in Medium)
  1. You can get 1 month free tweeting about Notaku! :)
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