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Cheaper canny.io alternative using Notion for CMS

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Canny is a tool to create your changelog and roadmap websites, it has its own content management system, to write new content you have to go to the Canny website and use their dashboard.
To let other team members write content you need to invite them to Canny and your pricing increases.
You may end up spending $400 a month just to have a roadmap and changelog.
Fortunately there is a cheaper and more convenient way: Notaku

Using Notion to manage your roadmap and changelog

Notaku uses Notion to manage your roadmap and changelog websites, this has several benefits:
  1. Your team already uses Notion every day, updating your roadmap and changelog is fast and easy
  1. You can collaborate in real time, add comments and let guests update content
  1. The writing experience is much better compared to Canny, you have more rich blocks at your disposal: callouts, quotes, tables images and more

Using Notaku to publish your websites

Notaku is a tool to create websites using Notion as CMS. It copies your data from Notion every hour or when you click the sync now button in the dashboard.
Notaku can create roadmap and changelog websites among others.
To create your websites
  1. Sign up to Notaku
  1. Click “Create new roadmap website”
  1. Duplicate the Notion template (a template is simply an example Notion page)
  1. Copy the link to Notaku and sync the content
  1. You now have an awesome website built from Notion

The final result

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Notaku features

  1. Use your own domain
  1. Customize everything: logo, links, footer, font, background more
  1. Dark mode
  1. RSS feed
  1. Awesome mobile UX
  1. Good SEO

How roadmap content is managed in Notion

Notaku uses a board database page to manage your roadmap
Notaku will let you clone an example database you can use as a starting point
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Users can upvote your roadmap items

Notaku lets your users upvote your roadmap items
This lets you prioritize your upcoming features and better understand your users needs

How changelog content is managed in Notion

Notaku uses a table database for your changelog content
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Notaku gives all you need out of the box

Creating a website with Notaku gives you
  1. RSS feed
  1. Excellent SEO
  1. Automatic social media images
  1. Awesome design and UX
  1. Fast performance
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