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Notaku vs HelpKit

Notaku and HelpKit have some overlaps of features, in this post i will list most of the differences between them regarding the docs website feature.
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Notaku and HelpKit have some overlaps of features, in this post i will list most of the differences between them regarding the docs website feature.

Notaku uses simple Notion pages, HelpKit needs every page to be in a database

In Notaku you write documentation using simple Notion pages, in HelpKit you need to create a database for every page, making it harder to navigate your workspace as database pages are not shown in the sidebar.
This is very impactful difference, if you have many nested pages then it will become a pain to manage your Notion workspace.

Notaku has more supported blocks

Notaku has support for more blocks than HelpKit.
Notaku supports gallery, table and list databases. You can take a look here for available blocks

Notaku also has blog and changelog sites (in same subscription)

Notaku also creates blog sites from Notion content, it is included in the same subscription.

Notaku automatically generates social media images for your sites links

You can see anΒ example here of what i mean.
Every page created with Notaku will display an image when its link is shared on social medias.
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Notaku pricing is not per website but per account

Notaku pricing is based on page views, HelpKit is based on seats and websites number.
Notaku definitely is a better option if you plan to have more than one website.

Notaku has pretty urls (uses Notion page title for in the path)

HelpKit will show the Notion page id in the url, Notaku has an option to enable pretty paths.

Notaku offers a free plan

Notaku has a free plan limited by 1000 monthly page views.
If you use HelpKit you will need to pay the subscription forever to not let HelpKit delete your site, even if your website will get no page views.
With Notaku you will be able to downgrade your plan and keep your website alive.

Notaku can be hosted on a subpath (/docs)

Notaku allows you to host the website on a sub path of your main domain, for example you can host the docs website on example.com/docs.
You can read more here.

Notaku has more customizations

With Notaku you can for example customize footers, the top banner of your website, SEO suffix, favicon and more.
Some style customizations are custom background and custom top banner.
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Notaku shows icons in the sidebar

This is a cool detail that can give more personality to your website and make it look nicer.
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Notaku is definitely a better option for documentation websites.
If you also want a blog and changelog website then it’s a no brainer πŸ˜‰
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