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Best practices

This is a list of things to keep in mind when creating Notaku websites from Notion

Do not use complex database features

While Notion is awesome and you can create super complex stuff with it you should try to keep your blocks configurations simple and straightforward.
For example it’s better to not databases to display data and instead opt for simpler alternative like a simple table.
Some Notion database features you should avoid are
  • Database groups
  • Database filters
  • Database expressions
  • Multiple database views

Do not add links to headings

Headings are already links by default in Notaku, when you click on an heading the url will point to that specific page segment.

Do not copy paste pages to move them

If you want to move a page to not copy paste the page block, this will recreate the page id and will break links in Notaku.
Instead move the page in the Notion sidebar to preserve the id and Notaku will redirect the old urls to the new ones.

Put Notaku pages in a top level Notion page with the name of your company

It’s good pratice to not create many root Notion pages in you workspace, instead create a root Notion page for all Notaku websites:
  • MyCompany websites
    • MyCompany Blog
    • MyCompany Docs
    • MyCompany Changelog
    • MyCompany Terms
This way it will be much easier to navigate your Notion workspace.