Custom domain with Cloudflare

If your domain is using Cloudflare's Nameservers and you plan to use it as a custom domains on your project, you may need some minor steps to ensure the domain will work correctly.

Without Proxy, DNS only (preferred way)

Representation of a domain without the Cloudflare proxy enabled. Requests are served from the closest Notaku CDN.
Insert an A record with value
The cloud image should be grayed out with the "Proxy status" set to "DNS only".
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Following the instructions above will guarantee the speed and reliability of your domain since the DNS resolution will go directly to Notaku without an intermediary.

With Proxy

A Cloudflare proxy works as an intermediary between your domain and Notaku, which is the hosting provider.
Requests are served from the Cloudflare edge network, which will attempt to retrieve content from the Notaku CDN.
To configure a Cloudflare-proxied domain on Notaku, you need to follow these steps:
  • Insert an A record with the value
  • Go to SSL/TLS and then Overview in the Cloudflare dashboard, and enable Full to ensure the traffic is always encrypted between Cloudflare and Notaku. You can check the Cloudflare documentation for more information about Encryption modes.
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