Send discord messages for new changelog entries

Notaku changelog and blog websites supports RSS, you can easily integrate Notaku with other tools that support RSS.
To send new messages to Discord fro new changelog entries you can use MonitoRSS.
MonitoRSS will scan your website for new changes and will post a new message to a Discord channel every time there is a new post.

How to connect a Notaku website to Discord

Sign up to MonitoRSS

You can signup using your Discord account clicking β€œControl panel”
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Invite MonitoRSS

Click β€œwith role” and add the bot to your Discord channel

Go to control panel and add the Notaku website RSS feed url

MonitoRSS will ask you for a RSS url
Notaku RSS feed is at the /rss.xml path of your blog and changelog websites
So for example if your Notaku site is hosted on you will need to type
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Add sending permissions to the Bot

You will need to go to the channel settings and add sending permissions to MonitoRSS bot
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Personalize your messages and try sending one

MonitoRSS will let you personalize the message content with the RSS fields and let you try out sending a message to your channel
Click β€œSend to original Discord” to test that the integration works.
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Try adding a new changelog entry and see the new message in Discord

You can edit your Notion content and wait for some time, the Discord bot will send a message to your channel with the new Changelog url.

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